When you are working on production you usually doesn’t have direct outgoing connection enabled or it could be really limited.

Here you can find a collection of configuration for different software for working via proxy. Let as assume that in all next examples we are talking about http proxy working on host


and port


githib.com behind proxy

Github could be accessed via various protocols

You can talk to github.com at 443 port as well see ssh over https port

~$ cat ~/.ssh/config

Host github.com
  Hostname ssh.github.com
  Port 443

General proxy solution could be build (and you can use it of other cases) with corkscrew utility.

~$ sudo apt-get install corkscrew

~$ cat git-proxy.sh

exec corkscrew PROXY_HOST PROXY_PORT $*

~$ env | grep PROXY

corkscrew could be used for tunneling ssh connections in pretty handy way

~$ cat ~/.ssh/config
Host my_host
  Port 22
  ProxyCommand corkscrew PROXY_HOST PROXY_PORT %h %p

curl & wget

Just export system variables

$ env | grep proxy

gradle & gradlew

It follows standard java application proxy configuration, just to enable it isolated, it is better to use gradle specific env variable

$ env | grep proxy
GRADLE_OPTS=-Dhttps.proxyHost=PROXY_HOST -Dhttps.proxyPort=PROXY_PORT


Source here

npm config set proxy http://PROXY_HOST:PROXY_PORT
npm config set https-proxy http://PROXY_HOST:PROXY_PORT