I want to watch movie with my son when he is far away and be able to comment in voice, control playback with pause/play


  • Skype screen sharing/mic/speakers just work
  • Movie is translated from Mac (macOS High Siera 10.13.6)
  • Skype version


Aggregated device

In order to have movie sound track and my voice on another side we need some kind of mixer for these sources.

Fortunately, macOS has such a solution out of the box called ‘Audio MIDI Setup’

Audio MIDI Setup Icon

We need to create Aggregated device composed from output and mic

Create Aggregated Device

With configuration like this

Aggregated Device Configuration

Now let us use it for standard input (in other case Skype doesn’t see it somehow)

Use Aggregated Device for Input

Skype configuration

How let us teach Skype to use our new device instead of standard mic and not adjust sound too much.

Skype Configuration

Thats it!

Just make a call, start sharing your screen and play movie. Sure, some sound/mic adjustment is needed. My are following

Volume levels

System Volume

System Volume

VLC Volume

VLC Volume